Frank Geels from the University of Manchester was an invited speaker at the Climate KIC summer school. The focus of his talk was Multi Level Perspective (MLP) and using it as a theory for understanding transitions. He is one of the world-leading scholars on socio-technical transitions, addressing relationships between social and technical developments in large-scale systemic change. A copy of his presentation can be found here if you would like to read more about it. Frank leads the Sustainability Transition Research Network (STRN) . The network has a conference each year that looks really interesting, and of potential relevance to TESS. It’s a multi-disciplinary conference where transition is discussed from a broad range of perspectives. I think it would be a great platform to present some of our TESS findings.

The MLP is the theory that guided much of our work at the summer school as it is one for the most accepted ways of describing and analysing how and why transition occurs. I was thinking about how best to describe it, but then I found this short (2mins) video which summarises it very well. The MLP has had a lot of criticism. Frank addresses the most frequent criticisms in this paper.  If you don’t have access to the journals you are interested in, sometimes you can find them in open access or PDF format online, alternatively authors are legally allowed to send their articles if someone asks for it (I think that’s how it goes) so if you email them they are usually happy to send them out – its publicity after all!