Take some 20 people from 6 different European countries, add a cozy venue on a small island in the heart of the city of Oulu, a tight agenda with many decisions to be made and top it all with weather including -30 C degrees of arctic cold and some northern lights. Mix all the ingredients well together and what do you get? Well, obviously the 4th TESS project meeting that took place at the end of January!

Oulu is a city of nearly 200 000 inhabitants located at the remotest corner of the Gulf of Bothnia. This time it was Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ turn to host the TESS project meeting. As the final year of the project has just begun there are many deadlines approaching, which of many include reporting the findings of the studies. On Thursday 20th of January we welcomed our partners to Turusen Saha, a lovely wooden venue hosted by a couple Pekka and Marjatta, who rent their venue for different events, such as seminars, concerts and meetings. The venue has also a B&B in the same building. This was very convenient as many of us could stay and work in the same building during the meeting.

As usual the agenda of the meeting included for e.g. different parallel and plenary sessions that dealt with the work packages of the project. Currently we are in a very interesting phase of the project as we are soon expecting the results for the greenhouse gas accounting and also the results of the success factors of the different CBI’s around Europe. We are interested in finding answers to questions like why and how CBIs start their action, what shapes their evolution trajectories and what kind of policies would best help the current and new CBIs development, growth and possible replication. Based on the results of the study a couple of information sheets will be created to illustrate the findings of the study and provide some useful information to the CBIs. Also another interesting outcome of our study during this year will be the online tools that the CBI’s can use to evaluate their resilience and carbon footprint. All of these results will provide a unique look at the diversity of European CBIs.

Maybe it was the cold or the excellent food or the magic of the northern lights that led to a sense of good team spirit, which will hopefully keep on going during this year as the end of the project is getting closer.