Work package 5: Engaging community practitioners, citizens and other stakeholders

Research message

Communication within and between similar and different stakeholders (e.g. between community-based initiative leaders, and between transition leaders and policymakers), and in particular between the stakeholders and participating community-based initiatives, is fundamental for TESS research. A variety of engagement activities are planned and outlined in a strategy. Central to the activities of WP5 is the creation of an online digital platform to enable the real-time sharing of information, ideas, knowledge and expertise between academia, community initiatives and policy makers. Through the platform, community-based initiatives are encouraged to log their activities, create networks, monitor their progress and share their ideas. Academics and policy makers will have direct access to a range of community-based projects, stories and experiences to inform understanding and decision-making of what works and what doesn’t.

Main aims

The aim of WP5 is to provide stakeholder involvement activities and organise the participation of the case studies to work packages 1-4.

Main outcomes

The main outcome of this activity is a structured exchange between scientists, community practitioners (being the main focus of TESS) and other engaged citizens.

Main outputs

Outputs of work package 5 are the creation of a digital platform, sharing project experiences through networking tools and a video, the training of stakeholder practitioners in effective assessment strategies through local events and a webinar and publicity.

Practical use

WP5 will enable stakeholders to participate in real-time continuous exchanges of ideas, knowledge and expertise. Through the interactive platform community initiatives will have the possibility to implement their own impact assessments or submit relevant information. The sharing of ideas, practices and problems between initiatives will show what worked, where and how.