Research approach

TESS research brought together methods from natural and social sciences, to address the two core research questions:

What is the impact of community-based initiatives in terms of their carbon reduction potential, and their economic, societal and environmental effects?

What institutional structures (values, policies and mechanisms) are needed to support these initiatives beyond their initial phase, allowing them to persist and spread desired impacts?

In order to achieve the TESS goals, the project was structured into seven Work Packages (WPs). WP1, WP2, WP3 and WP4 implemented the research. These were supported by three horizontal work packages: WP5 engaged stakeholders, including communities, which was critical to achieve the research objectives of WP1-4. It also exchanged relevant knowledge and research findings through, for example, an interactive web-based platform. Targeted dissemination activities were implemented in parallel to all research (WP6). Finally, TESS was coordinated and managed to ensure that the project met its milestones on time and on budget (WP7).

The following graphic gives an overview on the linkages between the various work packages.

Work packages diagram