In these posts I will be asking Kirsty some questions about preparation for the Climate-KIC summer school, what her expectations are and how it has contributed to her work in TESS, and her understanding of societal transitions towards sustainability.

So the first thing I would like to ask is:

What attracted you about attending the summer school, and how difficult was the application process?

Hi Liz, Thanks for your question. I was attracted to the summer school because I thought it was a great opportunity. The call for applications looked for participants from a wide background who were involved in working or doing PhDs in the areas of low carbon transition. I thought that it would be perfect for TESS, not only would it be multidisciplinary (wow that’s a hard one to write!), but it would be very relevant for TESS; I hope to feed a lot of what I learn into the project.

Also, I was excited about the opportunity to work with mentors and experts in the area of sustainability. I looked some of them up on line, they have a wealth of practical experience and knowledge about creating a future where we depend less on fossil fuels.

The agenda looks packed of really interesting activities which range from site visits to lectures to team work exercises. Overall I would say that its going to be a very valuable experience for me.

Finally, you asked about the application process. I didn’t spend too long on it as I had some other very important things on that day. It was nonetheless quite difficult and time consuming. If I recall correctly, I had to write a few paragraphs about different things. For example, they asked what are, in my opinion, that main barriers to transition. I didn’t know where to start with that one – there are so many, and you could only write 400 words. I guess they wanted to see how succinct the applicants could be.