Over the past four years, five European cities pioneered the transition management approach to address climate change at the local level. Inspired by their insights, the research institute DRIFT has now published a guidance manual: Transition Management in the Urban Context.

The guidance manual offers an introduction to this governance approach that aims to create space for new paradigms and practices in order to influence the pace and direction of societal change dynamics. It is exemplified through the experiences of the five cities that participated in the Interreg-funded MUSIC-project (Mitigation in Urban Context, Solutions for Innovative Cities): Aberdeen (UK), Ghent (BE), Ludwigsburg (DE), Montreuil (FR) and Rotterdam (NL).

The intention behind this guidance manual is to inspire and guide city officers who work on creating a sustainable future for their city. It is available in three languages: EnglishFrench and German.

Re-posted from http://www.drift.eur.nl/?p=8736, by Chris Roorda, October 9th.