On 31st August/1st September 2014 the Development Trusts Association Scotland (DTAS) will be holding its Annual Conference in Cumbernauld, Scotland.
TESS will be represented by Philip Revel, who will have a busy weekend because he is also attending as part of his role as  Chair of the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network.

The 2014 Conference is about ‘Our Communities – Our Future’ and includes visits to community groups on the afternoon of Sunday 31st August, with the plenary sessions on Monday 1st September.

DTAScotland was established in 2003 and now has over 200 members who support the work of trusts in local communities across Scotland. Development Trusts are community organisations which are owned and managed by the local community to achieve sustainable regeneration or development across social, economic, environmental or cultural areas. They are independent but work in partnership with other organisations across public, private and third sectors. They aim to reduce reliance on grant support by generating income through enterprise and ownership of assets.

In Scotland TESS will work with a  number of development trusts that have been active in developing environmental projects in local communities to assess how they contribute to societal transitions to sustainability.

More information on DTAScotland and development trusts can be found HERE.