CBI event rome

Figure: Typologies of activities and number of CBI in each category/domain, based on survey of 63 TESS CBIs

This report presents the results of the case studies integration, and the knowledge base on TESS community-based initiatives that was developed throughout the project. The aim of this report is to integrate and consolidate the data on CBIs gathered throughout the TESS project and to identify the key experiential messages from the different case studies in these regions.

We elaborate on a knowledge base that includes CBIs’ characteristics in terms of their histories, composition, experience, internal organization, relationships with external actors, political background, innovative efforts, skills, activities and ambitions, in order to determine who these initiatives are, how they involve, what they do and how. Moreover, we provide a preliminary estimation of CBIs in terms of economic, social, political and technological innovativeness impacts and examine the factors that distinguish CBIs in six regions across Europe. This is useful in providing evidence of what is happening in these sites of experimentation and social innovation. In addition, this report presents specific indicators, a base for such indicators to be estimated, regarding the following areas: economic/financial sustainability, economic benefits and local economic impact, social capital, social inclusion, external networking, political mobilization, human capital externalities and innovativeness.