OKOKOK today is not the first day of the summer school – it just finished actually! I wrote this but forgot to put it up:

Today was the first day of the summer school. We had presentations from the University of Westminster, the municipality of Frankfurt and Siemens. We heard about the challenges of implementing an energy transition from academic, business and local government perspectives.

The participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves. We all designed informal posters. There were a range of styles and designs, most were very creative, and all of them addressed the key questions: a. what the participant thought they could contribute to the summer school and b. what they hoped to take away from it.

One of the things that stood out in my mind was a discussion on silos that came out of the group discussion. When organisations are divided into small groups who are focused on one specific thing and there is little cross fertilisation of ideas between other groups, people begin to think, define and solve problems in a similar way. This means that silos can act as barrier to innovation and transition.

Variety is a great start for creativity and multidisciplinarity is key, especially when thinking about transition to a low carbon society and to responding to climate change where we require huge changes to how our system is organised and all sectors of society must be integrated.

That’s what’s special about this summer school, the multidisciplinary element– there are 35(ish) people from a variety of backgrounds – all of us have something in common though, the desire to contribute towards and energy transition and make our future world and even nicer and more sustainable place to live in.