Tess (un)conference – Edinburgh, 27th of May 2015

The TESS (un)conference took place on Wednesday 27th May 2015 in the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, UK. About 80 participants from  research, policy making and community-based initiatives  listened to key talks and discussed and shared research and experiences on the role of community-based initiatives in the transition to European societal sustainability (TESS). Innovative (un)conference format:

Innovative (un)conference format:

  • Lightning talks from guests and TESS project members pitching different perspectives on sustainability transitions
  • In-depth presentations from panel speakers
  • Small-group discussions to identify key themes for the afternoon panel debate
  • Creatively facilitated panel debate aimed at opening space for dialogue across scales and expertises
  • Poster sessions on examples of European community-based initiatives participating in the TESS project
  • An opening plenary and closing commentary on the day’s discussions from a UK-based poet


Conference programme and other materials

  • Here is the final programme for the day: FINAL TESS conference programme
  • Read Charlie Henderson’s article summarising the day’s events here.
  • Read Emily Hinshelwood’s poetic reflection on the event here.




Creative TESS (un)conference summary from our listener for the day, poet Emily Hinshelwood


Keynote speeches






Lightning Pitches







We will upload other resources on this page as we work through them. Stay tuned!

Discussion groups debating the "key questions" for locally-led transitions

Discussion groups debating the “key questions” for locally-led transition